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Cheap digital Panoramaphotography





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Maybe the largest disadvantage of todays digital panorama photography:
Several pictures are stiched together to get one large pano, an often quite annoying process in spite of relatively good tools. And sometimes there are things you can't stich together well enough... one example is my experiment with powerlines. The whole image looks fine, but magnification shows the seams...

Discussing advantages and prices of digital panoramacameras with my good friend Michel, he is just some time away from his diploma in technical photography, I had the idea to build one by ourselves. A low-cost version, naturally ;-)

Most of todays flatbed and handscanners are based upon a single CCD row and a little optic, which is very similar to an analogous panorama camera.

Instead of the linear movement to scan a document, our panorama camera uses rotation to scan a panoramic picture. An easy one - except some problems with optics, colors, motorization...
But on the other hand the existance of a TWAIN driver to get the data into the computer justifies fiddling around a bit.